Vikant Corporation was founded in 1996 as  
a service oriented distributor of PCMCIA memory, data  vikantabout
collection and computer products.

  • Our mission has always been to provide you with the top quality products at the lowest possible price. 
  • Our goal is to save you money when you buy from us by passing along the benefits of Vikant’s mass purchasing and manufacturing strategy.
  • By producing and stocking large quantities of electronic products utilizing the combined capabilities of domestic and foreign manufacturing, Vikant has been able to achieve the shortest lead time in the industry.
  • At the same time, staying close to you, the customer, has always been a priority. This comes along with the highest standards of customer service when all questions are answered by our technical experts within 24 hours.
  • Vikant’ staff’s in-depth knowledge of electronic equipment  and computer related markets as well as over  eight years of experience in serving retail and OEM  customers, keeps Vikant as one of the leaders in it’s field. 
  • Today Vikant continues to diversify its line of products, while providing the best value for its patrons.

Over time we have been able to customize our approach precisely to your specific needs by implementing our core principles

  •  Maintain the highest quality standards for all of our products.
  •  No order is too large or too small.
  •  Unbeatable retail and wholesale pricing.
  •  Shortest lead-time in the industry for all of your orders is achieved  by combining overseas and domestic manufacturing capabilities.
  •  We stand behind our product by providing the best technical  support and warranty.